“Fanzines were part of the glue/scissors/paper that held post-punk together, and Whippings & Apologies was a handmade cut above.”

Rosie Garland, The March Violets


All eleven issues of Whippings & Apologies have been reproduced, including the first ever interviews Soft Cell and The Sisters of Mercy ever gave. We've added in new material from some of the musicians we interviewed back then with their memories of the 80s.

Anyone with even a passing interest in the alternative music scenes of the 1980s is going to enjoy this book, but if you were in Yorkshire at the time, it's a must! ​

Whippings & Apologies: The Book

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    Includes reproductions of all 11 issues of the original fanzine

    Black and white

    A4 soft cover 216 pages

    ISNB Number 978-1-912804-36-8