In 1981, two lads from Leeds thought they could get into more gigs for free if they wrote a Fanzine.  It was just meant to be the one issue, just a bit of fun.  But it ran and ran, five years, 11 issues, dozens of bands interviewed, umpteen gigs reviewed.  If you want a picture of Leeds' alternative music scene in the 80s, Whippings & Apologies is it.  And now, we're putting it all together as a book.  Read more......  

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"Whippings & Apologies was one of those magical little gems that leaked into the vocabulary of the punk and post-punk era. Written and printed by fans, for fans. We loved ’em. We felt safe with them, could

say what we meant, well we always

did, but they would print it."

June Miles-Kingston

The Mo-Dettes



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